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Services: Excavation Support

AGI design-builds excavation support systems utilizing soil-cement mixing (SMX) technology to form "gravity" walls. This system is particularly useful for high ground water situations and excavations as deep as 15 feet. Typically no tiebacks or reinforcing elements are used. The walls feature excellent siding for back-form of permanent basement walls and favorable conditions to nail waterproofing layers.

In restricted access and low vibration impact sites, AGI designs and utilizes the press-in technology developed by Giken, via a Silent Piler machine to install continuous sheet piles. The Silent Piler grips previously installed sheet piles with hydraulic jacks to obtain a tied down reaction force. The piler then uses hydraulic rams to precisely push the next in line sheet pile. This advanced technology features the ability to operate the machine using remote control and a self-traveling mechanism.

Limited Access Sheet Installation by Giken Press-In Technology
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Sheet Piling
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Laser System
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