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Large Retail Store – Newark, CA
Design-build for liquefaction and seismic settlement utilizing Cement Deep Soil Mixing. Over 12,000 CY of soil mixing performed on a 200,000 square foot building site.

California Academy of Sciences – San Francisco, CA
First utilization in the US of Vibro Tamper soil improvement technology, a cost effective way to improve sands to a 12 ft depth with reduced vibration effects on neighboring structures.

Large Retail Store – Crescent City, CA
Design-build for liquefaction mitigation utilizing Vibro-Stone Columns technology. Nearly 50,000 ft of stone column installed in record time.

Sunrise Assisted Living Facility – Fullerton, CA
Adjacent homes and bucolic horse farms required that the foundation support and liquefaction hazards be addressed by cost effective, non-vibratory techniques. Cement Deep Soil Mixing (SMX) met the needs for relatively quiet construction, fast schedule, and low price, to adequately support this 3-story and 1 garage subterranean level building facility.

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